Penalty For Driving Without Insurance By State, Plus How

The no insurance penalty varies by state, but may includes fines and suspended license. Find out what the penalty for no insurance is in your state, and how much car insurance goes up after a ticket for driving without insurance.

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Can a body shop pay or discount my deductible?

Any agreement between a private party and the body shop is between them. Normally a body shop that works with an insurance company will not pay off or discount your deductible amount. This would seem unethical in that it would appear they would just over-inflate the estimate to cover your deductible amount so that the insurance company ends up paying the entire amount for repairs, which is not

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10 car innovations that will improve your life

6. Dropping you off at the mall. It's unlikely that your Beemer will be parking itself in a garage before 2020, but when it does it could help you avoid parking lot accidents. The BMW i3 will drop you off at a car-parking entrance and head into the garage looking for an empty spot.

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What states have free windshield replacement?

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